"Cascais is no place to work" (2016)


Cascais, located 25km west of Lisbon, began its journey to stardom along with Estoril in the late 19th Century when it became the favored resort of the Portuguese royal family. In 1870, King Luis I of Portugal decided to make the town his Summer residence. For thirty years, the royal family visited the town and brought with them a metropolitan crowd of Portuguese aristocrats, artists, and associated hangers-on.

The town boomed. Many noble families built impressive mansions that still line the coast today. A casino, a ring for bullfighting, and a sports club were all constructed, paving the way for Cascais to become the destination of choice for many of Europe’s noble families.

Cascais stands out not only because of its society, but also because of its cityscape. The clean façades, the smooth architecture, the obsession with security and the isolation from the public stand in contrast to the traditional center of Lisbon - "Cascais is no place to work


All photographs © 2020 Lukas van Bentum